General Questions

Ujjawal National Packers Movers is government approved company and highly reliable name in the movers and packers field. We have a professionally trained team for packing, loading, unloading, transportation, and unpacking of goods. We use the best quality packing material and covered containers so as to ensure the safety of the goods that are being relocated.

At-least 24 hours before you want the belongings to be relocated.

Pre-Move survay will be conducted between two to three hours.

Our Marketing manager will assist you in the process.

Most Asked Questions

Because it is always safe to have an insurance cover as goods can get destroyed or damaged due to unforeseen circumstances like major accidents, fire accident or any natural calamities during the process of shipping.

Our driver will contact you 24 hours before to delivery. You can also directly call to the drivers and customer care department to our staff and they will update as to the date your goods will arrive at your doorsteps.

Yes, we have our own storage and warehousing facilities in all the major cities of India.

Yes, for easy identification of items contained into each box/carton we use marker based marking system, so that you can find each item as per your requirement and priority to place it at several corners of house.

Are you on the road where you need to pack up all your belongings and shift to a new place? Then you might need professional packers and movers help.

Packers and movers are the organization or team of some professionals who serve their clients to pack their belongings and deliver them into their new house or office or anywhere else.

Not only this, but they also take care of your goods and make sure about their security. So that their client doesn't lose any valuable items in the shifting process, or even in the process in case of a sudden accident, they help to provide full coverage for the loss of their client.

Before you hire one of the best packers and movers, you need to figure out the type of your relocation. Is this an intercity relocation or a Domestic relocation? Once you are cleared up with that, you need to book an appointment.

  • Once you have booked an appointment, a team will be there at your house to conduct a pre-move survey. To analyze the quantity, weight, and other requirements for your move.
  • After the pre-move survey, they will hand you a moving estimation charge. From which you have to clear some part of the payment and rest after the shifting. This payment term is based on you and your movers decision.
  • The next day they will be there to disassemble and the moving furniture or any heavy items. After this, they will pack all the items to be moved to load them into the carrier easily.
  • And by the decided day, they will meet up with you for loading the items into the moving carrier.
  • The same day or by the decided day, they will drop your belongings to the destination. If you want them to store the items in the warehouse, you are not there for the time being. You can ask them about this.

To serve the people who want to start living in a new place with all their stuff, you need to open a shifting company. To open the shifting company, here are the steps:

Select the area - Choose the area where you will be serving.

Choose a name - You already know that a brand name has a great impact on your clients, so decide one catchy and unique name.

Prepare a budget - Despite the great profit, you have to look after the budget as many things will need to pay off, such as office rent, registration cost, electricity bills, labor wages, etc.

Register your business - To officially start these businesses, make sure to move officially. As you will require submitting some of the govt issued documents to the officials.

The movers charge for loading, transportation, and unloading to a new place. However, the moving charges depend upon the number or weight of items to be moved. If the client is going to move with a heavyweight of items, then the charges will be more, and if the things are less in weight, then the charges will be less. Other than this, high-quality packing materials are one of the factors that impact moving costs.

Then finally comes the distance to travel for reaching the destination. The more space needs to travel to deliver goods to the goal, the more cost of shifting will be charged.

Packers and movers in delhi assistant you with packing, loading, and unloading everything. They will transport all the goods to the destination and unpack and rearrange the items in the new house.

  • Pets, plants, explosive, valuables such as jewelry are the things movers won't take for shifting.
  • Corrosive, explosive, or inflammable materials, including weapons, chemicals, oils, cleaning fluid, etc. are some of the things not allowed for shifting.

Packers and movers are there to serve you and feel you relax throughout your big day. If you are satisfied with their work or are happy with their services, you can pay them extra. However, you are not bound to pay them extra, as this will go directly in their pockets. They don't demand this.

But if you are happy and want to share the happiness and load some good karma over your shoulders, then you can do it.

As we all are human, they might feel recognized and appreciated for their services if they receive some extra money.

There are many of the assumptions about the packers and movers services. Some of them are about movers detaching AC as well. Then please clear out this myth as movers don't remove the AC.

You can contact the electrician to do so as this is their work to remove the AC without any harm. Electricians are well trained and skilled in doing this work. Movers can't guarantee the safety of your AC while they remove the AC from its place.

So you can consider calling an electrician to remove the AC before the moving day.

If you are going to live in a new place, you will need to have your belongings in this new place. So it is really important to transport the items from your old house to the new one. However, it is a little bit juggle to do it on your own. As you don't have apt tools and you don't know the technique to lift that fridge on your own.

This is why there are packers and movers accustomed to serving you with these services. They look after your items' packaging, then loading them into the carrier while making sure about their safety.

Then finally unloading it to the destination with services of rearranging as well. However, there are three types of shifting services.

  • If you are going to shift within your city, you need to contact one of the best local relocation solutions.
  • If you are interested in relocating across the country, you need to book an appointment from ujjawal national packers and movers.
  • Decided to relocate, move abroad, then you will need the assistance of International packers and movers.

There are two conditions your packers and movers will be transporting your goods,

Condition 1:- packers and movers will assist you with their logistics throughout the whole process.

Condition 2:- packers and movers will be providing their carrier to transport your belongings.

For condition 1, GST is 18% because they will be providing you the carrier for transportation of their logistics connection.

For condition 2, GST is 5% because they will be providing their carrier for transportation.

There are many of the best movers to assist your shifting requirements. Once you have cleared up your mind for the type of move, you can find dedicated movers to help your relocation.

Make sure if you are going to shift across the country, then choose one of the best domestic moving services.

If you are shifting within your city, you will book an appointment with local moving partners.

Get a free quote now to set your budget for packing and moving needs.