Tips to Move your House

Tips You Need to Know in Moving House

Moving house can seem a daunting task even if you have planned everything. From de-cluttering, organizing, packing to transporting—the entire process makes people dread moving house. Whether you are moving across the country or next door, the shifting activity can prove time and energy-draining.

But don’t be stressed out. If you are vexing over your smooth relocation to your new house, we’ve got you covered. If you are confused about where to start and what to do, grab a pen and paper to note some useful tips we have compiled to do your packing and move a dead-simple task.

Purge your belongings

It would be best if you got rid of everything. Well, not everything, of course, but everything that sits in your home unnecessarily and unused. If you are a couple or have kids, everyone has tons of clutter in their homes—and that is where you should begin.

Although often overlooked, carrying out a massive purge makes the most significant difference when you are moving.

Don’t feel pity for your cute “unused-since-months” stuff. This is probably the best time to donate them. You may also sell them to save extra for relocating activities. Also, don't hesitate to dump your damaged possessions in the trash. Now you are left with only necessary items that you want to take to your new abode.

Create a comprehensive moving checklist

Moving home requires comprehensive planning. You should already know when you are planning to move. Therefore, creating an inventory or a detailed checklist to ensure nothing is left behind is of utmost importance. A countdown list stating weekly accomplishments will also help.

Apart from writing down your belongings, tick boxes of other things that you may slip out of your mind like reserving your movers beforehand, new utility stuff you need to buy, and packing your belongings timely.

Begin pre-packing early

To avoid last-minute panicking, start packing your stuff as soon as your moving date gets fixed. It may not be so easy and quick as it sounds, for you may pack and unpack a lot before finally sealing your moving boxes. Packing step-by-step is far less stressful than stuffing everything all at once.

It is best to start with off-season clothing, already read books, and souvenirs and pictures adorning your walls. But if you’ve booked professional movers, you won't need to worry an ounce for, they take care of everything.

Cairns Coast Removals has been offering world-class moving services in Australia for the last 15 years. They have a highly skilled team that handles every task with extreme care to keep your belongings safe while packing and transporting to your new home.

Label your moving boxes

To cut the fuss of searching through all the packed boxes for that one thing, it’s recommended that you label your boxes. Remember to mention which boxes carry fragile items like your crockery and which have clothes. A 2-sentence summary would be enough.

You can also use a color scheme to distinguish boxes containing one room’s stuff from another. This will help to unload your stuff quickly.

Keep an essential kit handy

Separate the first-aid kit, medicines, toothbrush, face creams, baby essentials, phone chargers, pet essentials, toilet papers, light bulbs, cleaning aid, a pair of clothes to change, etc. from your other packed stuff. These essential items will help you survive the early days at your new address while the other boxes remain unloaded.

Take pictures of wiring in your electronics

When planning to stack your valuable and fragile computer, Xbox, and TV set, don't forget to click a chord's picture before you disconnect them.

This will ensure that you make the right connections while setting them up in your new home and will help to save time.

Book your movers in advance

Pick up that phone as soon as you finalize your moving date and schedule an onsite moving company. Although it depends on your preference, it is highly recommended that you book professional movers (if you want to) at least three to four weeks in advance to reserve your desired date. While the crew arrives, be prepared to assist them with your shifting.

Movers are trained and well versed with the entire process of shifting homes—packing, storing, moving, and even unloading, to make your move smooth and stress-free. Cairns Coast Removals are professional movers with years of experience offering home shifting services in Australia. The mover has managed to get a 5-star rating from customers by offering high-quality services. Check their website for more details.

If you are wondering how to pack particular items, we have prepared just the right kind of list. Here are some additional tips you can refer to for packing your stuff while you prepare to move.

  • Hangers and some garbage bags are perfect for wrapping your clothes and keeping them unwrinkled.
  • Pack your fragile plates vertically or between disposable plates to protect them from cracking and to reduce space occupation.
  • While for glassware, you can get wine cases from nearby bars or winery. Place glasses in each column and stuff some newspaper to add padding.
  • For jewelry and other delicate ornaments, egg cartons come handy. But make sure to tape the cartons tightly before transporting. Also, for necklaces and bracelets, you can toilet paper rolls to carry them safely.
  • When it’s time to move the liquids, be extra careful. Cleaning and dishwashing supplies or shampoos and liquid medicines, whatever they may be, it is best to store them in separate plastic bins. So even if the liquid spills, it won’t soak your other stuff.
  • Don’t lose the loose screws and bolts which popped while dismantling the furniture. Gather them in separate plastic bags to avoid confusion.
  • To pack a chest of drawers containing trays of items, just use a plastic wrap around it while the drawers are shut and voila! You are all set to load them on the trucks.