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How to Pack Fragile Items While Shifting for Long-Distance

Your house may have many of the fragile and delicate items like chinaware, glassware and many other breakable kitchen items along with electronic devices, the artwork, etc.

Guess what? You have received your promotion letter or maybe call letter for your job or even if you are shifting anywhere because of any reason then you must be carrying these things with you. You want them to be present in your new place.

Here arises a big question that how you can pack fragile items while shifting for long-distance. Don't get panic because we are here to solve all the problems related to your shifting and packing fragile things. To get lots of tips on how to pack fragile things while shifting for long-distance keep following this blog.

1. Get All The Packing Supplies

When you are going to pack the breakable stuff for your shifting then there's no two thought that you are going to need plenty of packing materials. Once you start packing all the fragile kinds of stuff remember to pack them safely as they have to survive throughout the complete shifting process. But there's something add-on to this because the material with which you will be packing the fragile items is the point of a matter.

So the first thing you have to do is to check if you have full-on supplies of the right packing materials. Despite these things, you can also save money which you are going to give to movers and packers company. Here are those materials take some idea.

i. Cardboard Boxes

If you want to store your stuff safe throughout the moving process then you must buy new cardboard boxes. You can get old ones that are available to you if the boxes are strong, dry and clean.

ii. Packing Paper

One of the safety major to pack your breakable things is with soft wrapping paper. Get enough hold of this soft wrapping paper.

iii. Bubble Wrap

Say anything but a bubble wrap does all-rounder work and it's the best protective material for the delicate items and many of the easily breakable things. Store plenty of bubble wrap on your shelf.

2. Start an Inventory of Your Breakable Items

If you are taking the initiative to pack all your fragile stuff, then you must first check that if you have used them in a while. If you haven't used them for years then it is advised for you to gift them to anyone, sell them simply or you can donate them as well to donate goods you can check this list of ngos in Delhi.

It has been told by the Ujjawal packers and movers that the packing process takes a lot of effort and time too. So when you want to save your time, start packing for the useful stuffs as like china dishes, glasses, etc. which you actually use.

3. Avoid Over Stuffing

One of the main things is that you don't need to over pack the boxes and need to stop thinking that you can save the items in it by applying extra tape on it. It will become harder for the packers and movers Dwarka workers to move the overdone boxes with the moving vehicle.

The hidden tip in this is that you buy more boxes to pack your fragile items and in this way, you can save them. It has been seen that cardboard boxes have somehow a limited capacity and they can be flimsy over many of the years.

4. Box Sizes May Vary

Some of the moving people believe to buy the boxes which are of the same size. However, "this is a big myth" because let's just imagined practically when you are going to load all the things in the van it will be looking like you are fitting boxes in like Tetris. To add more fun to this task, get the variety of sizes boxes.

You can buy the boxes size ranging shoebox small to an Ottoman large but keep in mind that you can't carry anything larger than 2-feet square.

5. News Paper Can be The Hero

Think of the newspaper which waits for you outside your house door or in the balcony it can also play a good role in packing the fragile items. Just take the box in which you want to store the item and firstly crumpled the paper so that they can create a padding layer and then you can go ahead to fill the box with your stuff. It will be working to protect the stuff from the vibrations or any hits during the moving process. Some of the movers and packers charge for this but you can use them if you have in your house.

6. Use the Pillow Packing Trick

For those items which are shaped oddly try to keep patience and be generous to the boxes. Especially the fragile items which are not replaceable need to be packed in a particular box.

Just try this trick to place the blanket by the bottom then you can carefully wrap-up the item then for finish the packing of the box places the pillow on top of it. Now go ahead and seal it then mark it as fragile. So your movers and packers get an idea if it needs to pick up carefully.

7. How to Pack Kitchen Utensils

Once you have started the packing process you may notice that the most dangerous place to be the kitchen. Because it consists of all the crockery to cups, glasses, plates, etc. They need to be packed extra carefully. Here is the tip, you can use the dish boxes. Dish boxes tend to have thicker walls and does the duty to provide protection to any fragile item. To add extra security, use the padding materials as shown above.

Now that you are going to move out or shift any other place and getting panic about the fragile things then rush to this blog. These were some of the secret tips to pack fragile items while shifting for long-distance which you can't get through any moving company.

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