Transite Insurance Services

An Ultimate Transit Insurance Guide For Home Relocation

Risk is everywhere. Nobody knows what will happen in the next few seconds or minutes. No one can assure that everything is safe and sound in future. Life is uncertain, next few seconds moments are uncertain, everything is uncertain. Only one thing is certain and that is the stress or tension that one can have whatever mishappening happens at any point of time. To make sure that we do not stress out because of the mishappening, we apply for insurance. Insurance is the only means that can save us from the loss of money situation. Insurance is something we call Risk Pooling which means small amount is contributed by everyone and whenever mishappening happens with a person, we can give him the collected money to save the stress. We use insurance in packers and movers as well.

Now, what does that suppose to mean? Why do we need insurance in packers and movers? And how do we calculate Packers and Movers Delhi Insurance Charges? Well, as you know, in house shifting or office relocation we used to perform packing and loading actions to do shifting. What if while shifting something breaks or get damaged. This is a loss of an asset to an individual. It doesn’t matter whether it is a household thing or a corporate one, loss is loss. It doesn’t actually secure your things for not getting broken but it arranges a plan B for you in case something mishappens.

Insurance in packers and movers are generally of two types :-

Transit insurance :-

Transit insurance means any damage happen to your precious goods while transportation is compensated. Which means, while traveling if something mishappens with the goods, the customer will get compensation and generat receipts online Please take a note that if something mishappens to the goods before loading and after unloading, it will not be covered. Damage happened while transportation is covered. Charge of transit insurance is 1.5% on all declared goods.

For Eg :-

LED (Rs.19000) = Rs.285 (1.5% of LED price)

Bed (Rs.15000) = Rs.225 (1.5% of Bed price)

Total amount = Rs.510

So, Rs.500/- is the amount of transit insurance.

All inclusive insurance :-

All inclusive insurance means any damage happens to your precious goods at any point of time in shifting process is compensated. Which means, if something mishappens with the goods while the whole packing and moving process was going on, the customer will get compensated. Every damage to the goods fall under this type of insurance. Charge of All inclusive insurance is 3% on all declared good.

For Eg :-

LED (Rs.19000) = Rs.570 (3% of LED price)

Bed (Rs.15000) = Rs.450 (3% of Bed price)

Total amount = Rs.1020

So, Rs.1020/- is the amount of transit insurance.

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