Why to Try Solo Travel at Least Once in Your Life

5 Reasons Why to Try Solo Travel at Least Once in Your Life

Jobs fill our pockets but adventures and travel feed our soul. So, why not to travel solo just to know the REAL YOU…?

Why be a part of the bunch, when you can roam alone and anywhere…? One simply doesn’t prefer solo travel because of the fear and the lack of confidence they have. Also one thinks that travelling with family and friends is a better option. Also, we people have made our daily life a mess that we don’t have time to explore ourselves.

Another prominent reason can be the low budget, but why to worry when there are so many options like makemytrip coupons etc. Okay, let’s come on the point, in this blog I am giving 5 reasons in support of my view about solo travelling that will definitely encourage you to just give a try to solo travelling.

1. Offers a chance to get out of your own pace

Solo travelling offers you to explore your favourite places as per your choice. You don’t have any obligation from your friends or families. You can do whatever you want to do, and whenever you want to do… If you want to visit the museum, you can... If you want to relax on the beachside, you can simply do that... No one is going to obstruct you. Hence, solo travelling is the best way to explore new places on your own terms.

2. Helps you to become independent

Solo travelling helps you to identify how resilient and smart you are in figuring out the hurdles you face while travelling. And also there is no fun if you are travelling without hurdles, as these hurdles force you to figure out their solutions and help you to become more independent.

3. Helps you to come out from your comfort zone

When we travel with family or friends, we completely or partially rely on them and we easily have a companion with whom we can have word with, or we can easily plan the solution of the problem we are facing on our trip. But what if we are travelling alone, we have to force ourselves to come out with some solution of the problem we are facing, or we have to talk with some stranger so that we can express our feeling or need to him/her.

In such a way, solo travelling offers us the opportunity to come out of our comfort zone and make new friends.

4. It leads to self-love and self-discovery

Travelling on your own helps you understand your desires and you can easily figure out between –“What you need and what you want”. It is only possible because you are spending quality time on yourself. And also you are out from your daily worries and problems.

Therefore utilize this time properly in exercising, swimming, trying new food, try new culture, slowing down the race known as ‘life’, exploring new places, learning new facts and gaining knowledge and many more such things.

5. A time to get freedom

If you are a freedom lover, then what are you waiting for…? Go, and enjoy the freedom of your life by travelling alone. Travelling offers you the freedom to travel where you want and however you want. And also allows you to fulfil your desires as per your choice.

Yes, the most important thing don’t try to mess your trip, by this I mean that don’t plan to visit 5 countries in 4 weeks. As by doing this you will make your trip a big mess and you will end this trip up in frustration and will not plan a solo trip again. Hehe…!! So, try to visit fewer places in more so that you can enjoy your trip happily.


There is one simple mantra that life begins when we actually come out of our comfort zone. So keep on doing some adventurous things that can help you to explore your inner self and give you esteem happiness.

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