Inventory List Making

Making an Inventory List While Moving to Keep Everything Sorted

Are you going lost in the process of shifting to a new home? Packing up a whole house can be a great mess so if you are feeling then a big solution for this problem is depicted in this blog, so follow this blog till the end.

So cracking up a great solution for your problem which is called as home inventory. When you make up a home inventory list will help you to sort out many of the things as having a deep points of your luggage which also helps to keep track of your belongings. Then it becomes essential when you are actually moving to your destination and packing up the things. It's up to you if you want to pack your bags on your own or want to hire a professional packers. While when you want a full security of your luggage then it becomes essential for you to hire a reliable packers and movers in Delhi.

Right time to make inventory list

Make sure you have a plenty of time for this as this process demands a huge amount of time. It is very important to make up an inventory list as soon as you have decided to move as this will save you from hustle and ease the process.

If you want you can skip this step but you might bug up the situation for yourself as it will lead to a drastic time wasting situation.

Guide to prepare up an inventory list

Now don't get panic this process of making up an inventory list is as simple as it sounds. Just choose a room where you want to start. Pen down every furniture and other things in your notebook. You can also pick up an interesting idea to record a video of your luggage or record up an audio highlighting luggage name.

Make sure to add up these 4 columns in that list to make list look organized.

  1. Name of the item.

  2. Value that holds

  3. What is the condition of this item?

  4. What's the place or location of that item in your home?

Don’t forget to copy all the important documents

When you are moving, it is very important to make copies of all the important documents at least make soft copies of every documents. Note that you have copies of your birth certificate, wills, insurance policies, your identity card provided by government etc. Don't forget to carry the original ones as well. They are as important as soft copies they should be with you every time to your destination along with the inventory list. It will help you settle down in new place quickly. One of the advantage is that if you keep them handy then you can use them whenever you need them.

Pick up the pic of every moving item

Keep noticing all the stuffs that you have and click pics of your items that you own. Even include things like your clothes, kitchen items and other garage tools and kits as well. This thing will help your moving company as well if any of your items go missing. By this they can get track of the item.

Copy the list

After that you have buckle up your documentaries, and have done with making up the copies of all the documents, video tape or even pics or photos. You can share them with your relative or friends so in this way you can have a backup in case.

Use the list to get accurate quotation and insurance

The main advantage of preparing up an inventory list is that you can save many of the bucks by getting up an accurate moving quotation. On top that it will also help you to get an accurate estimation of insurance for your goods.

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